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screen, cut and iron!

Posted in DIY! on January 3, 2011 by dra åt helvete

So its finally here. The first update of patches. At the moment i have 21 designs and I will print more and more as soon as some orders come in. Im totally broke at the moment so I need YOU to buy shit from me so I can keep on going. Just click here to se what I have done. The patches costs 5 SEK / 1 $ / 1 € + postage.

Keep the underground DIY movement alive and support it!

screen, motherfucker, screen.

Posted in DIY! on December 22, 2010 by dra åt helvete

So. Me and Lasse Tetra started printing some stuff today. I will upload photos here as soon as I can get a new charger to my camera.

‘dystopia’ and ‘arbetsförnedringen’

Posted in DIY! on December 9, 2010 by dra åt helvete

Im so fucking bored. Bored to death. That´s why I did two more prints, these are old as hell and been on a screenframe in like 6-7 years. For all you Dystopia lovers I have the cover from the aftermath CD as patch (about 8 inches big print). 2 dollar/euros or 10 SEK + postage. It looks like this:


I also have something for you swedes that hates Arbetsförmedlingen.  Here is Arbetsförnedringen:


10 jävla spänn.

Support your local hardcore scene!

Posted in DIY! on December 9, 2010 by dra åt helvete

I was supposed to print several patches this weekend, but Lasse Tetra bailed out and took a vacation on new WOW I think instead. This just means that the patchmaking will take some more time. I have some prints at home I might screen. Due to boredom I printed some ‘support your local hardcore scene’ patches today. 2 dollars/euros or 10 SEK + postage. This is how they look:


I promise you. I will print patches on black also. So dont think I have forgotten about the black fabric worshipers out there. Please order this shit from me now so I can buy new stuff.


yet another fucking punkdistro on the web.

Posted in DIY! on December 6, 2010 by dra åt helvete

Yes. Its true. Its a new fucked up distro on the web. ‘Dra åt helvete’ means fuck off translated to english. Its my zine, its my distro and its me. Fuck off. I dont like much things, but who does?

I havent started printing the stuff that I have planned, but this will surely happen this weekend with a friend of mine, Lasse Tetra. If you are interested of whats going to be printed just click on ‘Patches’ button to the right.

I have one print ready for sale and its a G-anx kind of backpatch. The size is like one A4 format. 2 dollars/euros or 10 SEK + postage.

diy for fuck sake

Take care and watch your step, they are fucking watching every move you make!